Direct Charge with Step Down Option

Only applicable for Service Provider that is enabled for Direct Charging

This API call is only applicable for Service Provider with Direct Charging permission. This is the direct charging API when the Step Down option is available in initial Direct Charge API response. After user choose the step down option, Service Provider need to invoke this API.


HTTP Method
POST <AOC_SERVER>/api/directChargeWithStepDown
Content type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded


Request Parameter

Parameter NameDescriptionUsage
aocTransIDThis is the unique transaction id generated by AOC Gateway. This is the aocTransID returned to the Service Provider during the getAOCToken API.(STRING) Mandatory
apiKeyThis will be API Key to access AOC. Will be provided by BOOSTCONNECT during onboarding.(STRING) Mandatory
usernameThis will be the username provided to the Service Provider during onboarding.(STRING) Mandatory
msisdnThe MSISDN of the subscriber. The user’s MSISDN includes the country code, e.g. 60191234567.(STRING) Mandatory
subscriptionDurationThis is the subscription duration for the step down option that the user chooses.(INT)


HTTP/1.1 200 OK 
Content-Type: application/json 
Content-Length: 12345 
Date: Tue, 01 Nov 2016 12:00:00 GMT

{ "data": 
  "transactionOperationStatus": "Charged", 
  "totalAmountCharged": "10.00",
  "msisdn": "+60191234567", 
  "clientCorrelator": "12345678901234567",
  "errorCode": "00",
  "errorMessage": "" 

Response Parameter

Parameter NameDescriptionUsage
transactionOperationStatusThe status of the charge transaction as below:
1. Charged. (mean successfully charged).
2. Denied. (failed to charge. Check the error code list for reason).
3. Processing. (mean the charge is still under processing. Refer to section “Processing Status for Operator XL” for more details.)
totalAmountChargedThis is the actual amount being charged. It can be a whole number or two digit decimal.(DECIMAL)
msisdnThe MSISDN of the target user. The user’s MSISDN includes the country code preceded by '+', e.g. +60191234567.(STRING)
clientCorrelatorThis is the client correlator id that will be returned for all success charged transactions. Do keep this id as it will be used for reconciliation purposes.(STRING)
chargeModeThis represent the charge mode with available value as below;
● stepdown (this mean the charge is under Step Down charge mode)

This is the expiry date of the step down subscription chosen by user in format dd-MM-yyyy.

This is the subscription duration of the step down subscription chosen by the user.
errorCodePlease check on the error code list.(STRING)
errorMessageExplanation of the error.(STRING)