Redirection to AOC Page

  1. After Service Provider successfully retrieves AOC Token, Service Provider needs to redirect the user to AOC Page for user confirmation in order to invoke the charging.

  2. The user will be displayed on the Advice Of Charge page asking for his/ her confirmation to proceed with the purchase.

  3. Once the user agrees to proceed, AOC Gateway will proceed to charge the user and invoke the Service Provider Callback URL (as provided by the Service Provider: Request AOC Token For Charging).


HTTP Method

Redirect user to URL below with aocToken parameter;

GET <AOC_SERVER>/api/aoc?aocToken=SVpzSWk2SERiQjVlOFZLZFpBblVp


Request Parameter

Parameter NameDescriptionUsage
aocTokenThis is a unique token generated by AOC Gateway to identify each AOC transaction.(STRING) Mandatory


Not Applicable.

Response Parameter

Not Applicable.


Request AOC Token

Refer to Request AOC Token for Charging for more details.